Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Relaunch Continues

One of the things I'm doing for this launch that I haven't done before is go on a blog tour. So far three foolish...errr...kind people have offered their blogs as a sacrifice on the altar of my ego, but I'm looking for more. I'm planning the tour for July, so if you would like me to come along and upset your readers, I'd be more than happy.

All of which has led me to consider what is appropriate for a book launch.

A traditional book launch is an author sitting in a book shop, selling a few books to fans. If, as has been done, you hire a hall, then the chances are that you'll just be selling to family and friends. If an author is to grow then they have to reach beyond their immediate circle, beyond those who already know them.

A blog tour is one way of achieving this as you get 'in front of' people who have no idea who you are, and for the most part aren't interested. But it gets you in front of total strangers and the chance to tell them how wonderful you are, how intelligent and creative, in the hope that some of them believe it.

Book trailers on Youtube? An author friend of mine has a video on Youtube that's had over 300 views, but hasn't resulted in a single sale. Others get a sale or two from their trailer, so I wonder what use they have to an unknown author. The worst videos are the cheap and nasty ones that will do more damage than anything else while giving the book and author a bad name. I've made a trailer for each of my last two books, but I probably won't do it again. They're fun to make but I doubt their usefulness.

Tweets? I've never tried this, mainly as I haven't had a twitter account for too long, but it's something I will try. What I've learnt over the past few months from other tweeters, is not to overdo it. I'm getting sick of three tweets a day about someone's book, and unfollowed a couple of people who've taken this approach. Shoving things down someone's throat is never a good idea.

Personal appearances? If I have something to offer a group, then that would be a good idea, but who and what? Local writing groups with information on self-publishing is one possibility, or a talk at the local library.

Authors can get very creative over their launches, but often times the best things to do are the simple, and often cheaper, ones. A book signing, a blog tour, twitter updates (as long as you don't overdo it) and a couple of personal appearances.I'm not one for spending a couple of hundred pounds on goodie bags or gifts, but I will give books away, possibly with a bookmark or a signed photo of myself...if I want to put people off.

So, although this will be a simple approach, it won't be low key. If you fancy hosting me I can promise humour, information and a small dash of my ego, of which I've got plenty to throw around.

See you on Friday.


Lisa Shafer said...

Would you like to do a guest post? Want me to feature your book? What can I do?

Chloe said...

I don't really know what a blog tour entails, but I'm happy to host you for either a guest post or an interview in July.

Mark Koopmans said...

I'm in like Flynn, as I said before :)

PS... Have you seen my Monday post - you are now immortalized as a happy person :)

Martin Willoughby said...

Lisa: A guest post would be great. Thanks

Chloe: Interview sounds good.

Mark: I'm on my way over there now.

Dana said...

I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Just let me know what you need.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've done two blog tours and am setting up my third. I think they are effective if you can place yourself on big blogs and in front of real potential readers. My publisher handles giveaways and they are working on another trailer, so the tour is one thing I can do for myself.
When you have a launch date for your book, let me know and be happy to announce it.

Caitlin said...

You are always welcome to pop over to my blog for a day. I haven't had much luck with tweeting, either. Honestly I don't know if I'll ever really get into Twitter. Congratulations on your upcoming launch, though!

Martin Willoughby said...

Dana: You're in.

Alex: You're lucky. I'll let you know when the launch date is.

Caitlin: I'd be honoured to guest with you.

Rena said...

Yeah, I hate it when people can't stop promoting long enough to realize that they have to have something worth saying. Otherwise, they're like a channel with nothing but commercials.

Martin Willoughby said...

Rena: That is a very good analogy.