Monday, May 20, 2013

Five Things That Make Me Laugh

I was tagged by Mark Koopmans, an expat Irishman living in Hawaii, to list five things that make me laugh. So, in the spirit of going that extra mile, I'll give you six and they're mostly a selection of pictures from past Friday Fun blogs.



(cartoon is copyright of Chris Bambrough. Do not copy without permission from the creator)



6. A song from one of my favourite groups, The Barron Knights.

I'll let you read into that selection what you want about my (warped) sense of humour. On that note, I bid you adieu and I'll see you on Wednesday.


Mark Koopmans said...

Awesome sauce, Mr. W :)

As I've said before, I look forward to your Friday fun posts, so it's great yout Top 5 include some iconic pics :)

Lisa Shafer said...

Yeah, I'm old enough to find the song parody funny. :)

Julie Luek said...

Fun post for a Monday morning!

Martin Willoughby said...

Mark: They still make me smile.

Lisa: Are you?

Julie: Glad you like it.

Karen S. said...

If I really need a good feeling laugh, this is where I come, and you never fail me!