Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Relaunch

The play went down so well, we were turning people away on Friday night due to the hall being full. News of my wearing underwear with a picture of Animal from the Muppets on them must have got round.

My first book, A Stitch In Time, is almost ready for its relaunch. So far I have some eager participants for a blog tour:
Mark Koopmans
Jeff Hargett
Claire Dunn
Al Diaz
Lisa Shafer

(If you've said yes and I've missed you off the list, let me know. If you change your mind, let me know)

If you want to join that illustrious list, drop me a line on martin (at) starfishpc (dot) co (dot) uk. I'm planning the blogs for July, with the book launch at the end of June.

Why the relaunch? There were things in the first book I knew I could do better, so I've taken time with them to make sure they are better. I've also made a couple of small changes.

I've removed the spelling/grammar errors that five people, including myself, missed first time round and reformatted the start so it makes a bit more sense and isn't as dull. The replicators have been removed. I decided that ST style replicators (or muters as I called them, short for transmuters) are old hat, so I've introduced printers. The ship now prints food, like the 3D printers we have now can do, as well as other things. Makes the book a bit more up to date.

I've also changed the title to something more appropriate. A Stitch In Time was only ever meant to be a working title, but I couldn't find anything else, so it stuck. I think 'Oh No, Not Again' is more approriate and a better title. Time will tell. It also has a new cover (see below), designed by yours truly with some input from other authors about what worked and what didn't.

Other than that, the story is the same, the characters are the same and the ending is the same. If you bought (or won) a copy of 'A Stitch In Time', I'll happily send you an ecopy of the new version.

With that in mind, I wish you well, and look forward to all your wonderful emails and offers...I hope.

See you on Wednesday.


Lisa Shafer said...

Happy to join the group. :D

S Gallagher said...

Haha, I love the new title.

I barely get any traffic to my blog; it's just me ranting at a wall, and maybe once in awhile, someone pokes in their head to say, "Keep it down!"

Martin Willoughby said...

Lisa: Happy to have you.

SG: Can't be that bad, surely?

Julie Luek said...

Love the cover.

Jeff Hargett said...

Lookin' forward to it!

Al Diaz said...

We're set then! :)