Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Fun

What a week...nothing spectacular happened, but what the heck, a little positive marketing won't do any harm.

First up the good and interesting news.

Now for the odd stuff.

As an added treat, three photo collections for you to peruse.

Now it's time for the pictures, including one or two on the subject of Easter.  Have fun.

 And on that note, I wish you a FABULOUS weekend.


Chloe said...

That's a cool story about the business loans in India. We're thinking of investing in - where you can lend money (even a very small amount) to specific people across the world who need financial help with their businesses but don't have access to banks. Microfinance can change a lot!

Milo James Fowler said...

Is even morning breath unique? Ridiculous about Jabba the Hutt; give me a freakin' break. Awesome C.S. Lewis quote. Have a stupendous weekend, Martin.

Rena said...

Honestly, I think every friday should include at least one picture of Sir Patrick!

Happy Friday!

Gabriel C. Taylor said...

What would I do without your posts? It's always a pleasure to see what you've got for us.

Al Diaz said...

Geez, why there have to be two different English, as if one wouldn't be difficult enough to learn. :p

Martin Willoughby said...

Chloe: Small loans and grants help more people than lending to a multinational.

Milo: I'm not going to be the one find out about morning breath.

Rena: Speaking as Trekkie, I agree.

Gabriel: I don't know, what would you do without my Friday posts?

Al: Three if you add Australian, four Canada, five New Zealand and six South Africa. Not forgetting Indian, Pakistani and the several pigeon varieties in Africa and South East Asia.