Wednesday, April 24, 2013

50 Things To Be Happy About

There's been a lot of pain in my life, but a lot to be glad about to. Here, in no particular order, are fifty things I'm glad about.

  1. Leaving school at 17 (Hated the place and was glad to leave)
  2. Going to university at 31
  3. The birth of my children
  4. Getting married (Given that I'm divorced this may seem odd, but the marriage brought forth three great kids)
  5. Home educating my eldest children
  6. Working in a pub for 20 months
  7. Travelling the length and breadth of the UK and being paid for it
  8. Getting divorced.
  9. Becoming a writer
  10. Performing on stage.
  11. Rediscovering old friends on Facebook
  12. Being able to entertain people
  13. Knowing my way round computers
  14. Having my parents as my parents
  15. Able to play the guitar, piano, violin and recorder (Not that I can still play any of them to any degree, but at least I know how)
  16. Discovering Terry Pratchett books
  17. Graduating with a degree in History
  18. Learning a second language and being able to use it, even if I don't do so now.
  19. Being organised
  20. My health
  21. Working in a charity shop
  22. Having a place of my own
  23. Blogging
  24. Having an education
  25. NHS
  26. My friend Sian for some great memories
  27. My friend Joy
  28. Robin Williams for making me laugh so much
  29. Jimmy Perry and David Croft, ditto
  30. Passing my driving test at 17
  31. Being able to see life through other people's eyes
  32. Discovering what faith really means
  33. Everyone who fought and died that I might be free to choose what I do with my life.
  34. Science Fiction for helping me to dream of life beyond the Earth.
  35. Science for the tools, clothes and other things I use every day
  36. Gene Roddenberry for Star Trek
  37. George Lucas for Star Wars
  38. Cliff Richard for some inspirational songs
  39. The historians who have shown me the past.
  40. My genes for giving me the tools to live my life
  41. Will McLoughlin, the best manager I ever had.
  42. My eldest son for being himself.
  43. Not being afraid to be myself
  44. Everyone who has come into my life and shown me something about humanity, good and bad.
  45. The midwife who delivered me and still calls me her baby
  46. The (future) generation of builders who will bulldoze my old secondary school
  47. Being able to laugh at life and its problems
  48. Being able to laugh
  49. Being able to make other people laugh
  50. Being 50.

What would your list look like?


Chloe said...

What a lovely list! How rich life is. Mine would definitely include books I've read, people I've met and things I've failed at.

Martin Willoughby said...

Chloe: Well, there's a challenge for you. Let me know when you've done it.