Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The One Where My Trousers Come Off

That got your attention.

From My 23rd-25th, I shall be taking the role of Sir Percy Shorter in Alan Bennett's play Habeas Corpus. The character is short, balding and pompous, with a desire for revenge against Arthur Wicksteed.

At one point, halfway through act 1, the character is propositioned by Connie Wicksteed and his trousers come off. They do not return to cover his legs until the end of the play.

So far we've had five rehearsals and we still can't keep a straight face at various points. What we're going to be like when we have an audience laughing we don't know, but there's likely to be a fair bit of corpsing.

One woman we know will attend, has the capacity to find humour in the slightest thing, so we're going to have a battle that night, albeit a pleasant one.

Further updates (and embarrassing photos) will follow in due course.



Julie Luek said...

Enjoy! What a wonderful creative outlet. I live in a family of thespians and am the sole un-actor in the family. That means I get to be appreciative audience soaking it all in!

Al Diaz said...

I've really got to see this, hahaha.

Jeff Hargett said...

And here I thought you were simply experimenting with attention-grabbing headlines. LOL Have a blast!

Gabriel C. Taylor said...

Ah, the theater! Before I moved to living behind the camera I was involved in a semi-professional theater troupe. Lots of fun and plenty of embarrassing moments we all laugh about now.

Martin Willoughby said...

Julie: I tried being the audience once and had a longing to be on the stage.

Al: If you're (un)lucky, I may post some photos.

Jeff: Me? Never.

Gabriel: I have several already, including almost corpsing on stage when wearing a wig.