Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Fun

It's the book launch tomorrow...can't wait.  And don't forget I'm running a competition to win one of three paperback copies of Apollo the Thirteenth.  Entry details on Monday's blog.

First up today, a cute little story about a paralysed dog that can walk again, followed by a balloon festival in Mexico.

Politics can be funny when it goes wrong, especially when an election throws up a ballot box that's empty.  It was for PCCs in Britain, an election that's had little publicity from the powers that be.  Talking of mistakes, there's an exhibition of Japanese inventions that never quite made it.

A Parisian boutique has created a chocolate tree (stop salivating ladies) complete with animals, while Nigerians are raising money for all the Norwegians suffering because of the cold weather, with a song. In Milan, meanwhile, church spires have been put up for adoption.

Do you exist? An island in the Pacific that's been shown on all maps for the last decade doesn't.The Royal Marines exist and have created a nude calendar to raise money for charity.

Technology news: A BBC technology correspondent went 24 hours without using the web or other devices and told his tale. Talking of technology, here are five reasons to use a typewriter, and news of how Android got rid of December.

Who'd be Santa.  I've played the role a few times, but I've never got stuck in the rafters on my beard.

Finally, some good news from Australia, who've declared part of their coast as the world's largest marine reserve.

Onto lists now with one about disabled people who have made their mark on history, while the news that snakes can have a virgin birth in the wild is one of ten things we didn't know last week.

Before the pictures, here's the week in pictures which includes one Hilary Clinton would LOVE to hide.

 And on that note I wish you a happy weekend.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Fabulous and appreciated as always, thanks! As for the zombie apocalypse, when it comes I will pay good money to have Daryl on my team. Plus that man is dirty hot. yup. :-)

The Vegetable Assassin said...

And yay about the book! ! !

Martin Willoughby said...

Veg: I'd rather have Xena on my side.

Caitlin said...

No one like Jean-Luc Picard to still look that classy while facepalming.

Martin Willoughby said...

Caitlin: The man has style.

Milo James Fowler said...

Hope the launch went great, and thanks for the loads of chuckles. Einstein's quote coincides with the current zombie apocalypse -- also known as the advent of the 'smart' phone...

Martin Willoughby said...

Milo: I wonder if people thought the same at the advent of the new technology we call the book?