Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fun

A little poetry for you

Woohoo, another week done,
another Friday to have some fun.

I haven't been round your blogs much recently due to the book launch and all, but I'll be back have been warned.  But, first up, some odd, crazy, weird videos from around the Beeb.

Let's start with kiddies and two boys who struggle to stay awake to eat their dinner. From boys who can't stay awake, to boys who fight...with the world conker championship.  Well, maybe not the world championship.

Onto sports now, and the world Rubik's Cube Championships in Poland plus the BBC Formula 1 team doing Gangnam Style dancing. (Warning: This is not for those of a weak disposition)

There's a lot of art around this week. First is the mystery paper artist putting sculptures around Edinburgh, a Liverpudlian making music out of bird droppings,150 years of fakery in photography and amazing art with a ballpoint pen. Oh yes, a concrete missile site has been listed as a protected building. Don't ask.

Science now. Does water flow different ways either side of the equator? I'm not telling, so you'll to watch it and find out.

In the world of nature, a goat got stuck on a ledge and, as soon as the rescue people were within feet of it, it saved itself. Ungrateful so and so. Much nicer, though, are the winning photos for Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Life is dangerous, especially for those who go parachuting, as one boy discovered when a tree broke his fall. Good job too, or he would've impaled himself on spikes otherwise. Another boy had a lucky escape when a car came through his bedroom wall.

Do you need a holiday? How about staying in a cold war bunker on the Albanian coast? Someone who looks like she needs a holiday is the Australian Prime Minister, especially after this rant in parliament.

Finally...have you ever been baptised and regretted it? An American atheist has introduced a de-baptism ceremony that uses not-so-holy words and a hairdryer.

Onto non-video news now, and the couple that ripped the walls out to find a bleep. They kicked themselves when they discovered the true source of the sound.

What's your phone bill like? One French woman received a bill for 12 billion euros. It was eventually accepted as a mistake, but not before one customer sales rep suggested a payment plan.

Every Wifi network has a name, but some people are personalising theirs with names such as 'EatTheChildrenFirst'. Many more strange and ugly ones are in the story.

ITV got caught out with a story about a celebrity sperm bank that turned out to be a hoax. To be fair, other people got caught out too.

Did you know mice can sing? That and nine other snippets in 10 things we didn't know last week.

Now, it's picture time.

The final piece this is for Felix Baumgarten, who showed what people can achieve if they try and have the necessary backup.  Here's the full 10 minute video of his jump, and a 2 minute abridged version.

Adieu and a happy weekend.


Dana said...

Happy weekend to you as well!

Freya Morris said...

Blimmin' heck! There's too many there to remember which ones I like the best. But the cat ones always get to me (and that dog one in the Halloween costume).

Martin Willoughby said...

Dana: It will be now I've had a laugh

Freya: It's not a competition, enjoy them all.

Karen S. said...

You sure discovered a treasure to share this Friday. Lisa will enjoy (and possibly recall past students) with the spelling correctly one! The dog costume is the best ever, as are all your animal photos usually are! Enjoy your weekend.

Martin Willoughby said...

Karen: I'm glad to be of service.

Mark Koopmans said...

As always, now that I have read your post - my Friday is complete :)

(It's only 9:44 p.m here in Hawaii :)

Milo James Fowler said...

Too much good stuff -- Lego Vader and "safe text" were a couple of my favorites. Baumgarten, man. I can't imagine what that must have been like for him.

Martin Willoughby said...

Mark: I aim to please, wherever in the world you are.

Milo: The lego vader made me smile a lot.

Lisa Shafer said...

These make my week -- even if I forget to check them out until Sunday morning. :)

Martin Willoughby said...

Lisa: Better late than never.