Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Book Launch

On the weekend of 24/25 November, I and the other members of Starfish Publishing will be launching 5 new books, four novels and one short story collection. Aside from my SF Comedy, which I talked about on Monday, we'll also have a Historical Romance, a Fantasy and a Crime Thriller.

The plan is to hold it in a shop or hall in Stevenage Old Town, depending on where we can get our foot in the door.  A shop would be better and given the dearth of bookshops in Stevenage (we have none), we're hoping the charity bookshop will say yes.

You read that correctly.  Stevenage, a town of nearly 100,000 people, doesn't have a single bookshop, apart from the charity shop selling second hand ones.  Sure, we have supermarkets that sell books, but no dedicated bookshop.  There was a Waterstone's until a few weeks ago, but they closed down after the landlord upped the rent, Waterstone's refused to pay it, and then decided it was too expensive to relocate the shop to one of the empty places less than 100 yards away.


Anyway, back to something pleasant.

Tasks for the launch have been allocated, ideas for marketing suggested, adverts planned and freebies outlined.  I'll tell you more when the final decisions are made.

More information will also be given out during September and October on the Starfish Blog and via the website.  We may even publish excerpts and audio readings, but we WILL publish our book trailers as soon as they are ready.

One last thing, I've ordered 20 print copies of my first book which should arrive by the middle of August, all being well.  Once I get them, I'll hold a competition, which will have a question for you to answer, and the winners will get a signed copy which I'll mail to anywhere in the world....except the Antarctic.  (The penguins might infringe my copyright)  What is more, I'll put a dedication of your choice inside, even if it means me writing 'To my darling fluffykins, with all my love'.

And on that note, I bid you adieu and I'll see you on Friday.


Lisa Shafer said...

A real book launch. That sounds so fun.
Well, if there's no bookstore anymore, all the more reason for you to have success with your bright and shiny brand new books that aren't the sort sold by the grocery store.
I would certainly drop by if I lived anywhere near (which, as you know, I don't).

Amy Jarecki said...

So exciting! Good luck on your launch, it sounds like you've got a great plan!!

Kelley Lynn said...

Oh man... I'm gonna start thinking of the BEST dedication :)

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Congratulations on the launches! I'll be back to compete for a book later. :)

Martin Willoughby said...

Lisa: We're looking to build a buzz this time with some creative advertising.

Amy: We've learnt a lot of lessons from last year.

Kelley: You haven't won yet.

Elizabeth: I look forward to seeing your entry.