Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Update

Happy Monday!

You may well find me absent from your blogs this week and for a good reason: not only am I preparing for the three performances of 'Communicating Doors' (Thur-Sat), I shall also be building and decorating the set.  It's also why I'm writing this and Wednesday's blogs on Sunday and scheduling them.  I may have time to eat occasionally, but I doubt it.  Still, I need to lose weight for my speedos in the summer.  Now there's an image you can treasure.

With that in mind, what have I achieved writing-wise?  I've received a rejection (YAY) from Roar and Thunder for my short story Jurors along with some excellent feedback on it.  I've added part of chapter 7 to Apollo The Thirteenth and have decided that Mae's blossoming romance with Ben is as much part of the story as Alan and Carla being chased round the moon by a psycopathic war machine.

And that's it for achievements...aside from rehearsals, sleeping and storing fat for the coming week: or pigging out as it's more commonly known.

I also promised you a competition to celebrate passing the 100 follower mark, so here are the rules.  Leave a comment on any of this week's blogs (Mon, Wed, Fri) by midnight, Sunday 27th May (BST), and you can win ebooks of A Stitch In Time and Published Short Stories.  I'll send them in Kindle or Epub format.  Simples.

I'll hold another easy-to-enter competition when I pass 200.

If you're in the area, you can come and see me get killed twice and wear a blond wig.  Ticket information can be found on our Facebook page.


p.s.  Lisa Shafer is only on 62 followers, so if you all go follow her blog, we can get Lisa past the 100 mark.  She's an excellent writer of YA fiction and deserves exposure.

p.p.s.  No money changed hands for this advert.


Lisa Shafer said...

Gee, I dropped by to say that I think your week sounds really fun and I'm jealous, and I find a free advert from you! Thanks!
Do enjoy yourself this week. I love the rush of getting ready and performing. I don't do much of that myself these days and I miss it.
And -- does it ever really get warm enough in England for speedos? Won't you need a holiday to Spain for that?

Martin Willoughby said...

Lisa: It can get warm enough very occasionally.

(I believe in spreading the word about good authors. I'm going to promote one a week for bloggers I know under 100 until I run out of names. Pay it forward.)