Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Writing Progress

Lots to report this week.

First of all, I have finished writing the play. It's 45 pages long, which equates to about an hour, but with the edits I need to make to expand certain parts of it, it should end up about an hour and a half - assuming I don't cut a load out while editing. There's also a couple of deaths to report, but you'll have to read the later scenes to find who dies and how.

I finished off two stories for Write1Sub1 and have submitted them to two separate magazines. I haven't heard back from the mags I submitted to in February yet, but that's a good sign isn't it.

One other task I have undertaken this past week is editing a fellow writer's book. Making suggestions, correcting grammar etc. I found I enjoyed doing it, so much so that if I don't become a full time writer, I may make a career for myself as a freelance editor.

Sunday saw the publication of my latest column for Writng Raw, this one being about online opportunities when self-publishing. On the same page there's an interesting piece about using book awards to help you promote your book.

Tonight I rehearsed my scene in Communicating Doors as a corpse (I get killed twice). Depending on the sofa we get I may be under it or behind it. Either way, I have to move a limb and scare the bejeeba's out of two women. I was also paid a compliment in that no one could see me breathe when I was lying dead. West End stage, here I come...if they need someone to play a corpse.

On with the play what I is writing in my bestest English. In the previous scene, two men from Margaret's village turned up at the town market and recognised her before leaving.


Scene 3 (John's front parlour)

Elizabeth is sweeping the floor, humming a folk tune, probably Greensleeves. After a second or two, Margaret runs in from stage right and drops her basket.

Margaret: Where's Mr Maynard? Quick girl. Where is he.

Elizabeth: Out back. Why? What's wrong mother?

Margaret hurries off stage left, Elizabeth stares at her. Elena comes in from stage left, looking over her shoulder.

Elena: What's wrong with mother? She looks really scared.

Elizabeth: I don't know. She just came running in and asked where John was.

Elena: What could be wrong?

Elizabeth: She hasn't looked like that since we left the village.

Elena: Do you think they have come for us?

Elizabeth: They don't even know we're here.

Margaret and John come in from stage left.

John: Are you sure it was him?

Margaret: Yes.

John: And you're sure he recognised you?

Margaret: As sure as I can be. I ran away as soon as I recognised him. I should have known it was a bad idea to come here. They knew this was my home town. They've followed me here and now they're going to take us back. What can I do.

John: (Grabs hold of Margaret) Be quiet. I'll go and talk to Martin and see what he says. They may have had a conversation about you. If the man does know who you are, I'm going straight to the Mayor.

Margaret: And what can he do?

John: I don't know until I ask.

Elena: Does this mean we'll have to leave again? I don't want to go hungry. I don't want to sleep under bushes. I want to go home. (Starts crying)

Elizabeth: (Holds Elena) We can't go home.

John: And if this man is from your village, then you can't stay here.

Margaret: Where do we go?

John: Oxford. With me. I said I'd look after you and I will. But the first thing I need to do is find out who that man was and what he knows. Then I'll talk to the Mayor. (Turns to Elizabeth and Elena) You won't be sleeping under bushes if we leave. I have a wagon and bedding we can take with us. You won't have to walk there or be cold or wet. I promise.

Margaret: And what if he isn't from the village?

John: We may still have to leave. The townspeople are getting frustrated with me and you said something that rings true. The villagers know this is your home town and if they really want you dead, they will come here eventually.

Elizabeth: What do we do in Oxford?

John: I'll help my brother with his business and we'll make a home together.

Elizabeth: Does that mean you'll marry mother?

John: (Looks at Elizabeth, then Margaret) I'm going to see the potter in the market, then the Mayor. I'll be out for a couple of hours. Get some food ready for when I get back.

John exits stage right.

Elena: I don't want to be killed.


There are 9 scenes in total for Act 2, though I may put the final two scenes on the same blog. I'll start looking at the first act this week and take into account everything that was said when I posted them, so thank you everyone for your comments.

Feel free to comment on this scene about the pace, the tension, the chracters, the spelling etc.

With that, I shall bid you adieu and I'll see you on Wednesday when I shall have something to say about dialogue.


defcon said...

Congrats on your writing and meeting your W1S1 goal!

I don't know much about screenplay writing, but I do enjoy dialogue.

Elena: Do you think they have come for us?
I'd use the contraction "they've" instead, since it sounds more organic. I take it that Elena is either a child or mentally challenged, because she states the obvious.

What can I do.
Shouldn't that be a question?

Martin Willoughby said...

defcon: Thanks for pointing those two out. I'll get them fixed in the next draft.