Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday Fun

Another week gone, another 7 days of fun to catch up on and a reminder that there is still time to enter the competition to win some free ebooks. The deadline has been extended, after much persuasion (two creme eggs), to Midnight (GMT), Monday 19th March 2012.

First up, as usual, it's Oddbox. This week, the world Yoga championships, a 50 foot scarf on a pier, the Conch Shell contest from Florida and comedian Jack Whitehall showing what I would be like if interviewed on live TV.

Got a song trapped in your head that you want to get rid of? Here are 10 ways to get rid of it. My favourite suggestion is to sing 'Mnah Mnah' by the Muppets, though I prefer the Pink Panther theme.

From the desk of Newsbiscuit:
- Incidents of elephants on trampolines have ‘gone through the roof’
- Reaction to International Women’s Day: ‘That’s nice. Did you keep the receipt?’

Also from Newsbiscuit comes the revelation that Jedi's are unhappy with their energy-saving lightsabers and Costa Coffee have opened a branch in one man's bedroom.

Picture Time

I know I shared this one on Wednesday, but I just gotta share it again.

Have a great weekend and I shall see you on Monday with the last scene of Act 1 of 'Tomorrow's Just Another Play' and some more news about my next stage appearance. Oh, and I shall be plugging the competition again.


Kelley said...

Oh that Tiger is so funny. Haha :) Have a great weekend!

DRC said...

I'm still cracking up over the star treck

Martin Willoughby said...

Kelley: Who would dare throw another at him?

DRC: It's a follow up to a caption competition George Takei held a while back. The picture was one of Uhuru and Sulu talking with Uhuru saying that Kirk kisses like a girl and Sulu agreeing.

E. Arroyo said...

I did a double take on that first one. LMAO...Luv it.

Lisa Shafer said...

That's freakin' hilarious!

Alexia said...

Sorry - gonna have to "borrow" that Tiger pic :D
oh - and maybe the T-shirt, too

Martin Willoughby said...

EA: It took me a little while too, but it was worth it.

Lisa: There is a company that sells them, but I can't remember who.

Alexia: Feel free to borrow them...I did.

Caitlin said...

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! But I definitely need that Yoda shirt. And the first picture, I think I might need that on a shirt, too. ;)