Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fun

As usual I start with Oddbox. This week an ATM book library, George Washington's face in a chicken nugget and Obama sings...again.

Courtesy of the Daily Express, I now know the weekend officially starts at 5:18pm, while the BBC have told me that sleeping in one 8-hour segment is unusual and probably not good for me.

Also, I now know what a key grip does on a movie set. Among other jobs explained are gaffer and property master.

Now it's time for more entries from...(dum dum duuuuuuuum)...The Devil's Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce.

- Rebel,n. A proponent of a new misrule who has failed to establish it.

- Habit, n. A shackle for the free.


And finally, what the life of writer is REALLY like.

Have a great weekend.


Patti said...

Those are awesome. I loved the scientist one. Funny how we romanticize professions

DRC said...


Karen S. said...

As a matter of fact I might be on a Saturday night, but more so Blogger catching up on other people's posts! Okay your lovely squirrels have got to stop watching Star War movies before they go to bed! ha ha! As for Darth's other brother, have I met his brother yet too? ha ha...Hello Kitty does seem to match well with Darth's other brother dressed in pale pink and such.....Again, I enjoy your Friday posts!

Cindy Keen Reynders said...

Awesome and so much fun!

Lisa Shafer said...

I've seen Jedi squirrels before -- and it's still hilarious. I love the senior texting codes, too. Very good fun. :)

Martin Willoughby said...

Patti: Some professions are romantic...not that I can think of one right away.

DRC: :)

Karen: Glad you enjoy them. I enjoy compiling them.

Cindy: Thankyou.

Lisa: I'd not seen the squirrel one before, but i'll probably be seeing a lot more of it over the coming weeks, monthst, tears and (if I live that long) decades.