Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Blogging Rules

As a writer I have some rules that I (almost) follow when writing my blog. Not for the sake of it, but because this is more than a personal diary, it's a focus on and promotion of my work as well.

Different writers will do different things with their blogs and this is NOT a critique of the way they do things, it is only what I do and why.

1. Always respond to comments. I think it's bad form when you have a 'professional' blog to not respond to every comment, even if it's just a thankyou. If I had over a hundred responses it may not be practical to respond to each one, (though I'd like the problem) but even so, thanking everyone for responding with a single comment at the end is not an unreasonable goal.

2. Be regular. Monday I give an update on my writing/acting/publishing. Wednesday is for tips/hints/ideas about writing. Friday is for fun and some random thoughts. I rarely post at the weekends, but when I do it's with something personal. I have some readers who only drop by on the day they're interested in, so keeping to that routine is helpful for them. It helps me too as I always know what I'm going to write about a couple of days in advance.

3. Keep it short. Although long blogs can be interesting, they can also be dull. I prefer to keep my entries shorter than I am so they are easy to read and, hopefully, to remember.

And that's it. Three guidelines to help me every week. Which has left me curious about your own guidelines.


Nick Wilford said...

I also respond to every comment, as it's only polite. But I think the number one guideline is to be open, honest, positive and BE YOURSELF. People can smell fakery.

jbchicoine said...

My blogging rules are pretty much the same as yours, though I use the term 'regularly' with a little more 3 times a month...when I have something to say...(do people really notice if we don't post on a regular day? sometimes I wonder...I kinda hope not.)

Martin Willoughby said...

Nick: I agree fully.

jbc: Regular can mean once a year, it's up to the blogger. There are a few blogs I follow where the author writes at random intervals. It's random, but it's consistently random.

Hamel Moric said...

This is my first time having a writing blog but I will keep your rules in mind and form my own. I think that its courteous to respond to every comment and I'll try to think of what I'll write on which days maybe, it'd definitely keep me interested in updating as well and not falling off (hopefully not) Thank you for the insightful tips :D

Martin Willoughby said...

Hamel: I used to write 5 days a week, but never knew what I was going to do and it also made it more of a chore. Now I look forward to writing each one, expecially Friday's and save material up.

Take your time to decide what you want to do, but make it part of your writing life not your boss. If you feel the need to change what you do, tell people in advance, such as changing from five to three days etc.

I look forward to reading what you do.