Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lessons Learnt/Learned

Wednesday is writing apprecaition day, AKA 101 things you always wanted to know about writing but were afraid to ask. This is what I've learnt this year.

1. Ask
I covered this is a recent post, but the simplest way to get published is to ask. Submitting a novel or short story is asking, but I also learnt to ask magazines if they would like me to write an article about converting a document to an ebook for them. This has had one happy knock on when I was asked by the magazine to do a follow up. Lesson 1, Don't be afraid to ask.

2. I know what I'm doing
Having faith in my writing is hard, but after the year I've had I've learnt to trust my instincts. I followed my gut when it came to turning a novel into a comedy thriller and it worked far better than the version that went before it. Lesson 2, Trust myself.

3. Don't give up
Somewhat obvious, but often a hard thing to follow through on. By not giving up on the book launch, even though it scared me, I got a book published. Lesson 3, Don't give up.

4. Three's a crowd
By working with a group of people, organising a book launch, and writing, is far easier. To my writer's group, thankyou. Lesson 4, Working with people makes things easier and more fun.

5. I'm worth something
It's fair to say that I'd never been lower than after my divorce and the final split. In the two years since I've realised that I am worth something, that I can do things and my memory isn't as bad as it has been painted. Lesson 5, I'm me and I'm proud of it.

Next year I'm going to learn the difference between learnt and learned.

What have you learnt this year, about your writing and yourself?


Lisa Shafer said...

I've learned (learnt) that I can format!! (even when I don't want to).

Cindy Keen Reynders said...

I learned more about publishing by submitting a book to Amazon's Create Space. I was concerned the process might be difficult, but I came through it just fine. The book looks great!

Martin Willoughby said...

Lisa: Good fun isn't it. No, not really.

Cindy: I looked at that, but decided not to...for now.