Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fun

First up, Oddbox. A doggy pub, extreme snowmobiles, massed tightrope walking and a running robot.

From elsewhere on the Beeb, there is a piece on the odd requests that British consulates receive. Would you believe that people ring them to ask for Prince Charle's shoe size or Phil Collins' phone number? There's also the story about what happens when Health and Safety officials don't take their own advice. That's right, they have an accident.

Now for a 'WOW' moment. A one molecule car. All together now...WOW.

My favourite political moment of the week: an MP calls James Murdoch a Mafia boss.

Newsbiscuit. The Olympic Games build up continues to fill the population of the UK with Apathy and what's going on with the protests at the moment? Someone has started an anti-capitalist events management company.

The financial crisis has, however, inspired a new musical. Greece. All together now,
I've got bills, they're multiplying
And I’m losin’ control
'cause the interest you’re applyin’
It’s electrifyin’!

The full lyrics are available on the site.

If, like me, you're just too attractive to the opposite sex, then you need to use both Lynx and Impulse to create a sexual null point.

From the Home Office comes the terrifying news that a man has been arrested for not having a Facebook account, while from the internet comes the news that spammers are angry about coherent posts on their forums.

Piccie Time

Have a great weekend and on Monday I reach a milestone. It's like a gallstone, but far less painful.

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