Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Fun

First up, Oddbox. This week, bathing a racoon, a collision with a vulture and two BBC reporters have a polite argument over the time. Well, almost polite.

Elsewhere on the Beeb, the queen's underwear has been sold for £10,000, inventions that have kept us safe and how well do you know national animals?

There is also news that six men have (almost) returned from Mars and that ageing has been mice.


Reports emerged this week that the 7 billionth human being has been inundated with junk mail and pc popups offering free gifts.

In the wake of the decision that the future succession to the throne will not be decided by gender, comes the added news that the monarch will be decided by a new reality tv program, the Rex Factor.

BBC reporter Robert Peston has been having Ego problems and lazy animal lovers have been queueing up to buy the latest pet: the remote control dog.

BREAKING NEWS.......Justin Beiber's agent denies he is showing signs of talent.

Best headline of the week: Simulated Mars mission was ‘real’ claim conspiracy theorists

Finally, a picture to warn the heart of pedants everywhere.

Have a great weekend.


[Naebsy] said...

HAHA. that pic is hilarious :)

Martin Willoughby said...

Naebsy: That'll shut the optimist/pessimist argument up for good.