Wednesday, November 23, 2011

59 Seconds...Or Less

In case you hadn't been paying attention (shame on you), I have a book launch on Sunday, details of which you can get by clicking on the lovely picture on the right. It also means I haven't much time to do a blog, but I know how much you'd miss it if I didn't add one today.

To that end, here are some things that can help you change things in your life in less than 59 seconds...that's 59 seconds each, not together.

1 - Develop the gratitude attitude. List three things that you are grateful for or three events that have gone well over the last week. It'll help your happiness.

2 - Place a picture of a baby in your wallet. Doing so increases the chance of it being returned if lost by 30%. Doesn't matter whose baby it is, any baby will do.

3 - Hang a mirror in your kitchen. Seeing your own reflection will make you more aware of your body and you'll find that you'll more healthy food. (No I haven't done this. I'm too ashamed)

4 - Buy a pot plant for the office. Adding pot plants to an office (home or not) adds 15% to the number of creative ideas from men and helps women produce more original solutions to problems.

5 - Touch people lightly on the upper arm. Touching people lightly makes it more likely that people will agree to your request. It works for dating too.

6 - Write about your relationship. Partners who spend a few moments each week writing down their deepest thoughts and feelings about their relationship are 20% more likely to stay together. You don't have to tell your partner what you wrote...but you may want to.

7 - Deal with potential liars by closing your eyes or asking for an email. The most reliable clues (not certainties) to someone lying are using 'um' and 'er' a lot, lacking detail and avoiding self-reference (me, myself, I). People are also 20% less likely to lie in an email as it's written evidence.

8 - Praise children's effort over ability. Counter-intuitive this one, but if you praise their effort, they will keep trying regardless of the consequences, side-stepping the fear of failure.

9 - Visualise yourself doing, not achieving. People who visualise themselves taking the practical steps to achieve their goal are more likely to succeed.

10 - Consider your legacy. Spend a minute imagining a close friend standing by your grave and reflecting on your personal and professional legacy. It helps to identify long term goals and the degree to which you're progressing towards them.

All the above come from the conclusion of '59 Seconds - Think a little, change a lot' by Professor of Psychology, Richard Wiseman. It's an excellent book and thoroughly recommended...but it will take longer than 59 seconds to read.

See you on Friday.


Lisa Shafer said...

I'm not sure the lying one would work in my job. If I closed my eyes in front of a roomful of 13-year-olds, there could be blood/vomit/dead penguins/important papers/UFOs/broken objects all over the place within 10 seconds. And if I asked for e-mails every time a kid lied to me, my inbox would be inundated to the point where it would be ridiculous. Mostly, if a kid lies, I just question them until the lie breaks down and they're forced to withdraw whatever they were saying. Usually this happens in public and all the other kids laugh at them for getting caught in a lie. Very effective.

Milo James Fowler said...

Congrats on the book launch, Martin!

"Place a picture of a baby in your wallet" -- a little creepy, but hilarious.

Lisa: questioning them until the lie breaks down is a great strategy; I use it with my students, too.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Can't the ladies have creative ideas too? PAH! There's no way I'd put a mirror in my kitchen because I'd keep catching myself out the side of my eye and scaring the hell out of me by thinking there's someone in my kitchen! :) Good luck on Sunday!

Martin Willoughby said...

Lisa: It works when your dealing one on one, but not when dealing with a group. And where do the dead penguins come from?

Milo: It is creepy, but hey, who am I to argue with psycholigists?

Veg: Women don't need a pot plant to get creative, they already are.