Monday, October 31, 2011


Well, I've finished the edits up to chapter 10, which means I only have two chapters left to edit. Why not the whole lot? Let me explain my weekend and Monday.

Friday: Discover that my email problems are a little deeper than I thought. My website has been taken offline as I didn't renew it. My fault you would think...except I didn't receive any notification that it was due for renewal. The hosting company don't reply to my question via their support site nor do they answer the phone. Well they do reply, but send me a text message that is unreadable, from a number I don't recognise and think is spam (I realise it's from them on Monday morning after they send me a proper message from the same number). I get fed up with this and start looking for a new hosting company to transfer the domain name to, find one and start the process.

Saturday: Still no response from hosting company despite me labelling it urgent on Friday morning. However, I've had a lie in, feel good a looking forward to an afternoon with friends. The plan is to edit that evening, but am too tired. Still there's always a quiet Sunday. The only thing planned is for my youngest to come round at some point as he wants help with his History homework.

Sunday: Clocks go back an hour so I get an extra hour to do things. I start by getting the washing up done whilst my eldest is in bed. Then he gets up and informs me that his friend is coming round...the loud one. They proceed to make a lot of noiseand occupy the front room. Fat chance of getting anything done. Still no response from the hosting company, but as it's a Sunday I'll let them off. I console myself with the fact that on Monday my son will be at college...until he tells me his Asthma has returned and his inhaler has run out.

Monday Morning: 9am, planned removal of rubbish from a friend's house to the local dump and a bit of shopping as she's put her back out. Done by 10am. 10.30am at the doctors, taking my editing with me. I barely get started when we are called in. Home by 11am. In the meantime the hosting company has called me (something they couldn't be bothered to do before). Apparently, I'm at fault for not receiving the emails. When I describe this as bad communication, they won't have it. Their systems are automated and infallible. Then when I make it clear that I'm not renewing, I'm told I have to wait 21 days to get my domain name away from them. Not content with that, I use my technical know-how to find out who the domain registrar is (it's often different from the, and it's not my hosting company, but somebody else (If you want a full description of how this works, ask me in the comments section).

Monday Afternoon: Thankfully, the company with whom it is registered (Heart Internet) know what customer service means and are willing to help even though will not earn any money from me as I have already set up a hosting account elsewhere. By the end of Monday I know that it should be sorted out by next Monday and that the previous company were talking rubbish about waiting 21 days. In the meantime, I've received a phone call from a customer who wants their pc fixed as it has multiple viruses on it. I finish setting up an account with Heart Internet so I can transfer the domain name into it when 'the other company' release it. Fixing the pc is easy and earns me some money. When I return, Heart have shown how good their customer service is by updating the support ticket with useful information and respond quickly to my next question. They will do what they can, but if they cannot transfer it because of awkwardness, then they will do it next Monday anyway. Then I have some lines to learn for tonight's rehearsal.

Despite this I get up to chapter 10 of the edits, and have spare time tomorrow to finish off chapters 11 & 12...I hope. Which brings me to the book launch.

I still have to contact the local paper, our MP, a councillor and the BBC, as well as Amazon to see who wants to turn up and help us launch, which is best done tomorrow. The problems with 'the other hosting company' also means work on the website has been held up as I have no means of showing others the progress. That, however, is small beer compared the terror I'm feeling now I know my book will be published. No more hiding behind, "I can't get an agent", or "I haven't finished it yet as it's not ready". It will be out there for ALL to see.

Did I mention I have to go to work tomorrow evening?


Cindy R. Wilson said...

Busy, busy! Sounds like my roller coaster with three kids is a breeze :) Nice to come back and get the update, though.

Martin Willoughby said...

Cindy: Nice to see you back. Are the two eldest looking after (playing with) their new sibling (toy)?

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Okay, now I feel lazy since I've had two days off work and I've done nothing with them but drink coffee, go for walks and try new recipes.

I hate dealing with any service company. It seems to me like the moment they get your money they forget about you and all customer service goes out the window. You really notice the ones that actually help you when you need it.

Hope the site's up again soon and that the editing gets finished soon or else your next novel will be about a writer who finishes 10 chapters of a book but has all sorts of amazing and stupendous events occur before he can finish the book. :)

Martin Willoughby said...

Veg: Now that would be an intersting book: A do-it-yourself ending.

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Very busy! And all through that you are working on your writing. :)