Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fun

Despite a hectic week I'm still here to provide you with some more fun. As usual, I'll start with Oddbox. This week a cute little wombat, 9 sets of twins in one class, a bungee-jumping car and one of the worst raps you will ever hear.

Remeber the 'Joy of Sex' and the hairy man? Want to know who did the illustrations? Want to know who the models were? The BBC reveals all. Not only that, the Beeb has also delved into the archives of the Royal Society and brought us information about the woman who urinated a bullet.

There are now 7 billion people on earth. If you want to know how many people are younger or older than you, the BBC has a useful little page that can show you. Apparantly I am the 76,995,035,236th person to have ever lived. Makes me feel SOOOOO special.

The final BBC video contains disturbing images...people eating insects. Sadly I couldn't find the video where the reporter ate an insect that hadn't been cooked yet.

Newsbiscuit time. Bit quiet this week (in my opinion) with only one good story, ITV working on new Viking detective series: Inspector Norse

From facebook, some little gems:

'A helpline has been set up for devastated Man Utd fans - if you wish to speak to someone about yesterdays result, you can call 0161 61 61 61'

'Alex Ferguson overslept this morning, his wife shook him and said "Alex it's seven" he replied "oh no, they haven't scored again have they?"'

The blogshpere has been interesting too. From the Inky Fool, comes a post about the true meaning of currying favour...and the worst joke of all time. There's also a cautionary tale of what happens when you use the loo as a reading room and siblings need a pee and a recipe for cooking pumpkin seeds.

Today's pictures:

Have a great weekend.

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