Monday, October 10, 2011

Change and Edit - WIP

When reviewing a piece of work, some things only become clear during the edit stage. In my case it's realising that chapter 5 needs to be rewritten.

Well, not so much rewritten as re-placed. Having a character confined to their quarters after kicking seven bells out of seven marines is fine. Having her walk down a corridor thirty minutes later to see her daughter isn't. I will need to have the daughter come to her instead and redo some of the conversations as a result.

On the bright side, I have edited the first four chapters and am currently making notes on chapters 6-8 having now decided that chapter 5 needs reworking. What has become clear is that editing the latter chapters is far easier than the earlier ones as there are fewer mistakes with the plot.

Why? I'm glad you asked.

When you start out on a story, whether you plan it or not, you're still learning about the characters and the story. By the time you've written a third of it, you know what's going on and who's going to do least for the most part. At least, that's my experience.

In other news, Starfish Publishing is getting nearer its goal. Our logo and website banner are almost complete and the layout/design for the site are also nearing completion. We should have it ready for viewing by the end of October, maybe sooner.

We will have two books for the launch, which looks likely to be the end of November, and our decision to go with the Kindle is looking even better now that Amazon have announced a sub £100 Kindle reader. The £100 price point (to coin a phrase) is important as above it there is a perception that an it needs to be saved for or thought about. Under £100 it can be a normal purchase for a significant number of people. (Normal in this sense means similar to a microwave or mobile phone)

We also have the possibility of a link with a well-known west end actor. He will write a small promotion for us and all we have to do is link to his facebook page from ours and the website. The advantage for us will be a foot in the door with a group of people, theatregoers, who are more likely to buy books in general and ebooks in particular.

More on this later.

In six weeks time I shall be on stage as an American in 'In Praise of Love'. Not much time to learn lines and rehearse, but I know we'll do it. Next week, I'll show you the poster I designed for the performance.

What do you mean you want to see it now? Oh, alright then, as you asked nicely.


PV Lundqvist said...

Stories are like train cars, move one and all the others get jostled.

I was just about to send my book off to the printers, when I realized I had my protagonist go off to school after being outside all night. Yeah, that might affect the story.

That's why novels can't be completely modular, they have to flow scene to scene.

Good luck with the play!

Martin Willoughby said...

PVL: At leat you spotted it beforehand. Imagine the grief if you'd spotted it afterwards.