Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday Things

First up on the tour of the weeks interesting things (interesting to me that is), is BBC's Oddbox. This week's edition contains the ginger festival in Breda, a flashmob doing the Hakka in New Zealand and the dog with the world's longest ears.

Also on the Beeb is a story about a drunken Elk that got caught in a tree, two chatbots (computer programs) having an argument and a set of fascinating photos from Astonomy Picture of the Year.

From the multi-talented writers of Newsbiscuit, the week has seen some absolute gems. A fleeing Gadaffi failing to escape charity collectors, a comedic comment on the files found at the Libyan leader's compound, and a scientific report stating that young women don't fancy middle-aged men.

Among the headlines to make it were, 'Gaddafi rues the appointment of Mark Thatcher as North African route consultant', 'New moon landing site photo reveals wheel clamp', 'Sweet and sour spare ribs with dark soy sauce heads Chinese super-rich list' and my personal favourite, 'High 50p tax rate damages economy, say highest-earning economists'.

In the blogsphere, Inky Fool continues to amaze with some words that I've never heard of before and there is some more publishing success from a fellow writer, whose prose you should check out.

With that, I shall sign off and wish you all a great weekend.

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