Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fun

First up, it's oddbox. This week, painted Rhinos in Brazil, a sleeping politician and a gig powered by bikes.

From elsewhere on the Beeb, we have the story of 40,000 women and children watching a match because the men had been banned, how the Maldives fell for an internet prank, how Turkey is preparing for people rising from the dead and the curious story that the speed of light may NOT be the fastest we can go. If it is true, then yah-boo to all you killjoys that say Warp drive is impossible.


Why bother buying an exercise machine you'll never use? One man took his straight to the dump to avoid storing it. In the wake of a UNICEF report stating that kids want time not presents, one child hits back saying that kids DO prefer the gifts.

Headlines include, 'Greeks to increase amount of taxes no one's going to pay', 'Workers in flooded ruler factory saved by raft of measures', 'Interest in 2012 dressage medals fixed', 'Republicans Oppose Obama's Dinner Plans' and 'Pizza chain goes into liquidation, economists fear Dominoes effect'.

In the blogsphere, the Inky Fool has proven that Donkeys and Bureaucrats are the same and some thought-provoking ideas about legendary creatures from DRC.

With that, I wish you a happy weekend wherever you are.

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