Monday, August 08, 2011

A Writing Update

The novel is now past 20K words edited/revised and it's looking good. It's even making me laugh. I have, however, left in a sad moment for one of the characters as it seemed to fit the story at that point.

So chapter 4 is almost done with one character fighting off four marines and breaking limbs, whilst Alan befriends a marine in the only way men know how: rolling their eyes at the antics of a woman and her pet robot. I have also introduced the secondary villain who is everything a pantomime villain should be: flouncing around with a cape and a snarl, thinking the universe revolves around her.

Mae is fascinated by her parents and is having problems fitting in with sentient beings as she has been raised by robots. She still talks too much and is far too honest, so don't ask her if your bum looks big that outfit.

The eBook venture has moved several steps forward as we now have four novels being prepared for the launch and a better idea of what will go on the website. One of our number is a talented artist and will design our logo and website banner, whilst another will take care of the facebook and twitter accounts.

One feature of the website I'm looking forward to is the 'flash fiction' page. Every fortnight we will publish some fiction based on the group's writing exercises, so there will always be something new to read. When we get into the flow of this venture, we may publish it every week.

That's where we are now. See you on Wednesday.


[Naebsy] said...

Wow MArtin, I'm glad that you are advancing - slowly but surely. The story line seems very interesting indeed. And I like the choice of names. Mae. Simple. Perfect.

Martin Willoughby said...

Naebsy: This is a new venture for us all, so we have to take it slowly and learn from the errors we make along the way. I like simple names too, though Mae Clarke was an actress of the 1930s and starred in a couple of horror flicks.