Monday, August 22, 2011

Time To Get The WIP Out

W.I.P Progress
Monday 22nd August 2011
PI Willoughby reporting...

It was an ordinary day in Britain, despite the unusual golden disc that hung in the sky, moving slowly from one horizon to the next. Some said it was a UFO, others that it was the sun. Having not seen the sun for many years I was inclined to believe the UFO stories.

Ignoring this apparition I took stock of my writing to date. Chapter 7 has been completed taking the word count to 40,000 and ends with the sentence, "I'm screwed." Chapter 8 is almost there, needing only a scene with the arch-villain a dastardly and evil person who goes by the name of Harold. This will add another 5,000 words give or take a few thousand.

I have also had inspiration for the wedding scene that takes place towards the end which will now involve a fist fight. There will also be a love scene with Harold and his robot. Unless I have a better idea...which shouldn't be difficult.

Tonight, the writer's group will meet again to discuss our ongoing project to set up a publishing cupboard. We now have some banner and logo ideas to discuss as well as the first part of one of our featured novels to read. If we have time, there will also be some writing exercises. Those that don't take part will be executed.

Addendum: 12:18pm B.S.T.

The disc has now been hidden by some typically British clouds, the ones that hate to see anyone boast about their brightness. They have quietly covered this unusual occurence and will no doubt send the population scuttling indoors by the application of their water cannons.

I am inside and safe and ready for my next case.

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