Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Stitch In Time

As of this week, every Monday will be a WIP introduction and update, so without further ado, and acknowledging that it's now Tuesday (slaps wrist), here we go.


'A Stitch In Time' is a comedy SF novel set 400 years in the future, give or take a decade or so. If you want to be precise it's 2381. it focuses around three main characters, each with their own reasons to dislike Harold Kennedy.

Carla Neill, 39 years old, chubby, strong-willed and with more attitude than a room full of maiden aunts was exiled from Earth for giving birth outside of marriage 19 years ago...and she wants revenge on Harold. Preferably one that includes a blunt knife, no anaesthetic and a vasectomy.

Alan Radford is on another journey into the future and is now fed up with the whole shebang. A mild mannered man who wants nothing more than a quiet life surrounded by his books and a room full of creme eggs, he's about to come face to face with one of his biggest challenges. Finding someone who can make a good cup of tea.

Mae Clarke is their daughter. Born six mothns ago, she is, physically, 19 years old, has the knowledge of a 90 year old and the commonsense and social ability of a 5 year old. Filled with a desire to live happily ever after with parents who have never met and accompanied by a pet robot who has even less sense than she does, Mae is sent aboard the Dravid to fulfill her destiny. If only she knew what it was.

So far I have written or re-written 18,000 words and am on chapter 3. I'll give you more details next Monday.


In other writing news, the eBook venture is proceeding apace. We have two novels out for consideration and we're working on short stories for a collection to be launched at the same time.

The website is being built, the twitter account will soon follow as will the facebook page. We're still limiting ourselves to the Kindle at the moment, but we shall expand to other eReaders, probably next year.

The biggest problem we have with other readers is the lack of opportunity to publish on them. Whereas Amazon make it easy to upload books, sell and earn income from them, other ereaders are more difficult, at least in the UK. Having said that, using the Kindle is a good way for us to test the water and learn from our mistakes.

See you on Wednesday.


DRC said...

Wow! A stitch in time sounds like it's really coming on. Well done! Mine is also coming along and should be ready for us to publish in November.

Martin Willoughby said...

DRC: I'm having so much fun with this book. Looks like we may have four novels for publication in November.