Friday, July 08, 2011

A-Z thinking

This is an idea I picked up from Naebsy: write down the first word that comes into your head when you read a letter. You can read her responses on her blog.

A - Action
B - Beautiful
C - Child
D - Dead
E - Earth
F - Fickle
G - Gorgeous
H - Happy
I - India
J - Julia
K - Knife
L - Laugh
M - Mania
N - Nonsense
O - Octave
P - Peaceful
Q - Queen
R - Robot
S - Sucker (My first thought was a word I won't print here)
T - Tea
U - Uniform
V - Very
W - Winkle
X - Xerxes
Y - Why
Z - Zedonk

I'm not sure what that list tells me, or anyone else about my state of mind at the moment. I can tell you that for X, it's an old standard I remember from Sesame street and for Z, I was reading about a new birth in a Chinese zoo that is the offspring from a Donkey and a Zebra.

Have great weekend and DO try this at home.


[Naebsy] said...

Y - Why?
Lol Martin. I am glad that you liked the idea so much and chose to do it on your own! You've got a nice list going on here. I really like some of them - Winkle, laugh, fickle. What did you first think for 's'? I am curious.

DRC said...

I'm guessing one of the reasons you couldn't choose the first word for S was because it didn't belong there. It belonged with

Apologies for my crude humour...

Martin Willoughby said...

Naebsy: The 'S' word was a swear word relating to bodily functions and rhymes with fit.

DRC: I know ALL about your crude humour. I started most of the rumours regarding it.

KLo said...

It kind of reminded me of a found poem ... if you read the words aloud (and without thinking about the A-Z thing), it sounds almost poetic. Interesting :-)

[Naebsy] said...


Martin Willoughby said...

KLo: Hmmmm. Must be modern poetry as I don't understand it.

Naebsy: Hehehe.