Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Self-Publishing and Marketing

When you decide to self-publish, marketing your creation is always a problem. It's even more of a problem when your book is only available electronically, ruling out book signings.

This is a problem that I, and my writer's group, will be facing as we launch our publishing house. Well, I say publishing house, it's more of a cupboard really. We will only be publishing our own work, after it's been fully critiqued and edited, and the plan is to launch books once a year in November to catch Christmas. Initially they will only be available on Kindle, but we shall see where we go further down the line. We also plan to publish two short story magazines, probably once every three months.

So what advertising do we plan? We will have a website and a facebook page, through which we shall do most of our advertising. Then there will be youtube videos for each book and the publishing 'cupboard'. There is also an interesting idea of producing our own radio show for internet braodcast, but we don't know about that yet. One avenue that may well open up to us is advertising in local, parish newsletters for all of the books and magazines we publish.

We're looking at ways we CAN do things in bookstores, such as presentations on the books and a bit of public reading of our work, but the bricks and mortar approach is way down on the list of possible advertising, cost being the major factor.

A launch party will be one thing that we are going to look at, but as Michelle Davidson Argyle has shown, it's the author that has to pay for it.

Watch this space as we develop this idea further.

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