Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Iron Sharpens Iron

On Monday I mentioned that I'd had an insight into my own creative process after a writer's group meeting. Yesterday proved just as revelatory.

I took an old shopping as it was raining heavily, she needed stuff, she doesn't have a car and I do. As a thankyou, she treated me to a cup of tea in the cafe. OK, the cafe in Tesco's isn't that good, neither is the tea and wherever you sit you're directly under the loudspeaker they use to tell staff to go somewhere, but it is cheap.

We talked about each others book and whilst we were talking I had another epiphany: I have the conflict in the wrong place. My original idea was to have the conflict between the two blokes, but after the chat, in fact during the chat, it dawned on me that the bigger, more interesting and comedic conflict is between the kidnapper and the woman he impregnated who wants to rip his testicles out through his throat.

So I now know WHY my novel has stalled. It was heading the wrong way. With my new knowledge I shall be getting the novel back on track, as well as plotting out two radio comedy scripts and submitting a short story.

Never forget to talk about your book with other authors over tea/coffee/wine/cakes/biscuits as you never know what will come from those one on one chats.


DRC said...

so very true. Just ask

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I actually just started working on a "book" I started back in NYC a few years ago and put on the back burner since so many other things were going on. I have a feeling I'll have four times more material than I'll ever need now that I have ideas how to continue with it. No amount of wine will make me discuss it though. I'd sound like a maniac. Good luck with your reworking!

Martin Willoughby said...

DRC: I will...if she can keep her hands off me long enough

Veggie: That book sounds VERY interesting. Can't you even give me a hint? Comedy, crime, romance, travelogue?