Monday, June 27, 2011

The Festival Final & A New Novel

We didn't do another rehearsal, but we did do a readthrough of the play beforehand, and on the night the play went even better.

As there was no time pressure (the evening was the showcase event) that worry was gone, and we were on first, so there was no waiting around biting fingernails. The play received its normal share of laughs and some extra ones, but from a smaller audience, and we waited until the very end to see Katie get her writer's award.

I have enjoyed the whole experience, not only of performing in a festival, but also performing on a bigger stage than normal and in front of a different audience, though I have to say that I am glad it's over. Why? So I can now conventrate on my writing again.

Which brings me to tonight's writer's group meeting. A while back we decided to plot a novel and after a week or two plumped for a crime story set around a stableyard. Tonight we plotted out the first three chapters and introduced some of the characters, as well as giving ourselves a rough draft of the next two chapters.

There are a lot of questions to answer, such as what the character's names are and how quickly do bodies decompose in a heap of horse manure. To that end a couple of our number are going to ask relatives in the police force about this as well as about police procedure. One will also enquire about getting a PCSO to come along one Monday to answer any questions about police procedure and what individuals would be charged with in the circumstances of the story.

The one problem we have had is focusing on our task. Keeping our eyes on plotting the novel can be hard going, especially as the detail can be very interesting and, sometimes, important to how the story goes.

For instance, the question of how long the body will take to decompose will impact on who gets arrested or not, or how they discover the identity of the dead person and how long it would take. That has not stopped us sketching out what will happen in chapters 4 & 5, but it does prevent us going any further or doing any writing on the forensics.

One of many things we have agreed on is that the story will not be driven by police officers investigating, but by the lead female and her view on the unfolding story and the characters and events taking place around her. It should avoid some of the more technical parts of some novels and allow us to focus on people.

I'd love to have your comments on the novel, and maybe some ideas for us to homage to.

Enjoy the week.

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