Friday, June 03, 2011

Changing Perceptions - part 2

Today, films

1. Little Big Man
This was the first 'serious' film I ever watched. It was a boring Saturday afternoon and it caught my eye, so I sat down at watched it. Although there was precious little action, the story captivated me, as did Dustin Hoffman's performance. To this day I don't know why I should think it was good, but it taught me that good films don't have to be action adventures or war films.

2. Blade Runner
To my mind, SF films had to be action adventures (seeing a theme here), full of space battles and special, or not so special, effects. Although I was late to this film, seeing it on TV, it showed me the depth to SF and sparked an interest in SF books which continues to this day.

3. Platoon
In short, this showed me the horrors of war. It may not be the most realistic film ever, but it certainly shocked me out of the 'war is glory' thinking that was beginning to fade in my young mind.

4. All Quiet On the Western Front (B/W)
Another anti-war film that kept fairly close to the book. It looks incredibly slow paced compared to modern movies, but you can't help feeling sorry for the young men sent out to die. The most moving scene was the one with the French soldier in the shell crater in a movie which taught me that even the 'enemy' are human.

5. Airplane.
Zucker, Zucker and Abraham's masterpiece. Stupid jokes, ridiculous events and slapstick comedy. What fun it is to take cherished icons and give them a good going over.

Have a great weekend.

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Milo James Fowler said...

Blade Runner -- nice. A very complex film. The "final cut" is my favorite version.