Wednesday, June 15, 2011

8 Days and Counting

That's how long until I am on stage playing three people in a festival play...and my performance will be judged. EEEEEEEK!

I'm 95% there with my lines, as are the rest of the cast, and I'm still adjusting the performance for maximum comic effect. At least I hope it will be comic.

Last week I got a taste of performing at a festival when I was asked to prompt for one of KATS plays. We had been asked to perform a short piece as one of the contestants had pulled out and as the regular prompter for the play wasn't available and I was familiar with the play, I was asked.

The stage was bigger than I am used to but it was the atmosphere that I was looking at. Although I was only prompting I was certainly more nervous than normal and it will prepare me for next Thursday.

What was also apparent is that most plays in festivals are 'worthy' and 'giving a message'. If that carries on into the St Albans festival, we will probably be the only comedy which should go in our favour.

We now have two run-throughs on Thursday evening, a technical rehearsal at the theatre on Sunday and maybe two more rehearsals on Monday. If we win the under 25 section (that's the author under 25 section) then we perform again on Saturday.

Wish us luck.

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