Monday, May 23, 2011

Famous Island

Next Play: Famous Island
Date: 23rd June 2011
Place: St Albans festival of new writing.

Just under five weeks to go and we've started rehearsing. To be fair, we had said we wouldn't start until the last play had finished and we got down to it immediately, finishing the last performance on Saturday, then starting again on Monday, casting roles and doing a readthrough.

Last Thursday we had a rehearsal where we worked out where the lights would come on and go off and where the props would be and managed to get it all down on paper.

There's no rehearsal tonight as people are away, so on Thursday we get back into the groove, hopefully more aware of our lines, so to say we are cutting it close is an understatement. However, deadlines are great for concentrating the mind.

Watch this space for more news.

On the writing front I sent an article idea to Christian Writer and got a positive response. After sedning it off with all the biographical details and flattering photo (HAH!) I was told that it looks good (the article, not the photo) and they would get back to me if any changes were needed. The subsequent lack of emails since tells me I should be fine.

I'll post here when it comes out and also tell you if I got any money for it. I hesitated to ask if they paid for contributions, but I suspect not, though as I've given links to my blog and my book on Amazon in the biography the advertising will not hurt.

And therein lies something for all writers to remember: sometimes it's worthwhile doing things for free if it gives your name a boost. Blogs, book reviews, articles etc. Never take them, or your audience, for granted and pepper every blog or article with self-advertising, but remember that if you are in the eye of the readers they are more likely to buy your book. It will also help with any pitch you make to aggents and publishers if you can say you have a track record of articles and book reviews, especially if they are in your chosen genre.

Just don't overstretch yourself or make promises that you can't keep. I know I couldn't keep up with a twitter account so I don't have one.

Have a great week.

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Milo James Fowler said...

Exposure is always good. I'm realizing that with my own reprints; maybe I won't make any $ on them this time around, but if accepted, they'll be available to a whole new audience.