Monday, May 09, 2011

Another Week, Another New Start

It's Monday and the dawn of another week, and this one WILL be better than the previous one.

I didn't get into anything last week, what with the bank holiday and the mental dip mid-week. Then came the weekend and a client calling me to help solve a little problem of hers. She is the only person I have ever come across that should be locked up in a house with no technology whatsoever, and after speaking to her my mind was in a complete tizzy.

Normally I can calm down and let my mind rearrange itself into some sort of order, but with the boys round that wasn't possible and it also led to me being late for a technical rehearsal for the play.

However I have taken things in hand today by nailing the phone to the wall, getting myself organised for the dress rehearsal tonight, treating myself to a pizza for lunch and buying some biscuits to dunk in my tea.


The flat is empty, my eldest is at college and I have peace.

Today, I shall continue to chill, after having a shave, and then tomorrow I shall help a fellow writer with her book, go and get some financial advice and then go and have the second dress rehearsal. By Wednesday I will be back in the groove.

Have a great week.

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PV Lundqvist said...

Here's to new beginnings. :)