Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something Else

Nothing to do with have been warned.

The next play I'm in, A Kind of Vesuvius by Gillian Plowman, will be performed by KATS on 12-14 May. In it, I will be playing a gun-toting, psychopathic encyclopedia salesman (type casting again), and I have finally managed to get my head around the lines.

They weren't too difficult in and of themselves, but because of the nature of the character, he has four different moods and four different subjects in the space of 20 words. It wasn't easy to learn, but now I have a handle on it, I am sooooooo looking forward to this play. I've had to ad-lib a few things and may even drop a Sean Connery impression into one part: "It's in the blue folder miss Moneypenny."

On Saturday, I also learnt that I will be taking part in the St Albans festival playing an alcoholic. Another strange character (sigh) in a play about a place in the Caribbean called Famous Island. I read the play a couple of months ago and liked it so said to our secretary that I was willing to take part.

The writer, probably getting desperate at that stage, asked KATS if any of the company were interested in performing in the play and a few said yes. She has never met any of us, and the first time she will see what we are capable of is when she comes and sees us in May. The festival is in June.

Let's hope she hasn't forgotten how to pray.

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