Friday, April 29, 2011


Sometimes I get asked where I get my inspiration from, so here's a list.

Music. Songs that tell a story, an instrumental piece with a theme to it, or just a congruence of thought, music and memories.

Life. There are times when I wish I could do something, so I write a story as if someone travel to the future and find a better world, or execute a boss.

Kids. Children are inventive, crazily inventive, and when my three are on a roll I let them get on with it and make notes.

Acting. When playing a character on stage, occasionally I come across one that leaves me asking 'what would happen to this character in a different situation?'

Books. Heinous crime I know, but the story in another book can inspire me to write a different one, using the same basic idea: Man is put in a situation he can't handle and has to fight to survive.

Wallpaper. Yes I did say wallpaper. Staring at plain wallpaper, or a painted wall, allows me to picture the scenes of a book like a film.

People. Watching people in action, or inaction, and wondering what story lies behind their lives.

There you go, all my secrets. Just promise not to tell anyone else.


Victoria Snelling said...

What I don't get is - how do people *not* have all these ideas floating around in their heads?

Martin Willoughby said...

There's so much inspiration around us. Maybe some people are just too narrow in their views of what inspiration is.

Tana Adams said...

Its a writer thing.