Monday, March 28, 2011

Why? Who? What?

Why is chatting on facebook with other humans seen as anti-social whereas reading a book on your own isn't?

Why can you never find something until you don't need it?

Why do TV presenters assume we're deaf and shout at us?

Why do we become more aggressive when we get into the driver's seat of a car?

Why do some assume that the more something costs, the better it must be?

Who decides what books should be classics?

What is the point of the Mayfly?

Why do children only copy their parents bad habits?

Who decided that grass should be green?

Why does the worst weather of the week usually occur on a Saturday?

Why does the best weather usally occur on a Monday?


Feel free to add your own Why? Who? What? in the comments.


Tess said...

why, indeed? Is that true? That the best weather usually happens on Mondays?

Martin Willoughby said...

Yep. The reason is that as we go to work during the week, there is a build up of pollutants, so that when work is scaled back at the weekend it causes the wrost weather on Saturday. By Monday there has been a slight clearance of the pollutans so the best weather comes then.

So, on average, Saturdays are the worst days and Mondays are the best days.