Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kindle Publishing - Follow Up Number 1

My book has been on Kindle for a week or so now and it has given me time to make some minor alerations in the description.

First of all I noticed that I'd put the wrong date in the description which I quickly changed. This can be done easily through the 'actions' button on the far right of your kindle book homepage that shows all your titles.

Next I had to think about the category as I'd placed it in the Science-Fiction category. As I class my writing as SF it seemed the natural thing to do, but was it?

One reason for questioning that approach is that although the stories have been published in SF magazines and happily sit there, three of them could also sit in the general fiction category, whilst the fourth is not technological and wouldn't be out of place in general fiction. So I changed them.

They now sit in the general fiction category and the short story subsection of that category. Good move? I don't know yet, but one of the handy attributes of the Amazon Kindle site is that you can change the categorisation very easily, so I can experiment over time.

Keep your eyes on this blog for more information...except when you're driving as that could be fatal.

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Tana Adams said...

I wish you the best of luck in your new category!