Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Rules

I recently bought a book from a second hand store called ' i before e except after c', which has the subtitle, 'old-school ways to remember stuff'. So I thought I'd share some to do with English.


What's a Conjunction?

FAN BOYS is the answer: For And Nor But Or Yet So

I like that one and it may help teenagers too.

Licence or License?

Easy to learn to rhyme for this one:

S is the verb and C is the noun,
That's the rule that runs the town.

'A doctor practises medicine at his practice.'


I'll do some more of these over the coming weeks.


Tana Adams said...

Thank you! Those are great tips!!

Victoria Snelling said...

That's cool. I like the license/licence one - I always struggle with that one. Found myself wanting to 'like' this. I guess I am fully brainwashed by FB!