Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ever Had One Of Those Days....

...Where everything goes right? I have.

Three clients call me in one day, two of which I could deal with on the phone and one which will end in a paying job on Monday.

I have been smiling most of the day...I'll wait till your jaw reconnects with your head before continuing...even though the sun hasn't been out for most of it.

My joy may have something to do with some books I bought second hand. Three Terry Pratchett's, a Dickens, a Dumas, a Bible and a Barker. It may also be that I've put my name forward to act in a semi-pro play that's been entered in a competition. As the director is not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, she's pushed through the bottom into the slime underneath I have a chance of acting in it.

I've also continued with the novel which is currently know as 'A Stitch In Time'. Now that I have managed to get the first chapter sorted out properly (it's only taken me two years) the rest is flowing easily. I am up to chapter 3 and fifteen thousand words, knowing that I need to add parts in to chapters 2 & 3 during the editing process.

I have also come to see that I write in the same manner I used to program computers. I do an outline; create the flow; write a pseudo-novel (the first draft); write the novel; debug the novel.

The outline is usually in my head. I start with a beginning, which is normally a question and an ending. Then I work out how to get from beginning to end in a rough outline, still in my head, before I start to commit anything to paper. I still use pen and paper at this stage as I love crossing things out and putting arrows everywhere.

After that, I write the pseudo-novel, but I try and get the first chapter right before I go further. If the first chapter isn't correct, I give up and try something else.

Once the pseudo-novel is complete I go back and edit it, adding in bits here, taking out paragraphs there, placing characters in a situation that they should be in but were forgotten about etc.

Then I debug it. Spelling that I'd missed, paragraph size and structure, continuity problems such as a character I killed in chapter 4 suddenly reappearing with a glass of beer on the veranda in chapter 9.

All being equal I should get the novel finished by the summer and along the way get some more short stories published along with a hat-full of book reviews (I have a small head...large ego but a small head).

In other words, it's been a good day and I shall sleep soundly tonight, unless my son manages to poison me with his cooking.


KLo said...

So nice to hear your "voice" with some sparkle in it :-)

Victoria Snelling said...

Glad to hear you had a good day. x

Tana Adams said...

Nice! I Hope there are more good days on the horizon!

Martin Willoughby said...

Today is shaping up to be decent, so maybe I have turned a corner.