Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Market

I pointed you at a market on Monday, and I'm gonna do the same today. This time it's a print magazine.

The magazine is called MsLexia, and its tag line is 'For women who write'. So that rules out us men...blatant sex discrimination that.

They take poetry and prose, but note that for some of this they expect it to be posted and NOT emailed, unless you're from overseas...that's a polite way of saying foreign. You'll have to check out their website for full details.

MsLexia take all sorts of other writing too, including scripts, reviews, feature articles and rants or raves.

There are workshops on the site and if you run or are involved in a writing group, then they will send out a newsletter to help you with ideas, which is how I got the information. (Imagine how galling it is to receive this and not be allowed to take part)

I haven't had the nerve to ask why they don't let men join in, but I'm sure they have their reasons...or they may just be sexist.

Still, have a look and see if you can get published in their magazine. And if you find out why they don't men have a look in, let me know.

Have a great weekend.


KLo said...

This got me thinking on the argument that print media is going to become a thing of the past ... what are your thoughts on that?

I think no, by the way ... I fall asleep drooling on books and magazines and know that I'll never have the same kind of relationship with my laptop, love it as I do ;-)

[Naebsy] said...

you just know how to make me laugh :D

Anonymous said...

I can understand why this would make you angry but anger is something to motivate you to act - not moan.

So please DO ask why! I've been all over the Mslexia site and have never found so much as a hint that they don't take writings from men. They just happen to be focused on helping women out, as the writing world for a long time was dominated by men.

So if they do exclude men - please let us know! I would definately consider boycotting them if so!

Martin Willoughby said...

KLo - Print media is going to be around for some time. It's just too useful. Computers haven't got rid of books, nor will ereaders. Paperbacks didn't get rid of hardbacks and the internet hasn't destroyed newspapers. Though I have never drooled over my books.

Naebsy - Glad to be of service.

Freya - I'm not angry, I was just overegging the joke. I haven't asked...yet, but I can't think why they would eliminate men. Mills and Boon let men write for them, as long as they use a female pen name.