Friday, February 11, 2011

Aaahhhhhh...It's Friday

Not only is it Friday, but it has been my most productive writing day this week.

So far I have written 1400 words for my novel's second chapter and will do more later. And it's not just any old 1400 words either, they're 1400 sensible words. Yes they'll need some editing, yes some of them will be deleted, yes they're still part of a WIP, but they are still good words.

On top of the 1000 words I added to the first chapter yesterday (that's a net gain by the way and doesn't include the 100s I killed off) I'm having a great writing week.

Onto other things, and I had a pre-audition for the next play. We're going to do two one act plays and last night myself and two other men had a read-through of 'A Kind Of Vesuvius'. The play's about three men who have been made redundant. We have the final audition next Thursday and I'll find out then if I get a part.

The other one act play has a cast of two women. That has now been cast and they start rehearsals on Monday.

The part that is even better for me, is that I will only be rehearsing one day a week and can attend my writer's group more often.

Welcome 2011. I'm falling in love with you.


DRC said...

Yay! great to hear about you're writing...but can you write 'serious words' when writing a comedy (boom boom...).

I hope you get the part, and it'll be great to start seeing you more often xx

[Naebsy] said...

Martin, I'm glad you've come so far and that you still find the courage. Anyway, happy that you posted this on my birthday. Keep the good work!