Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Unexpected

Sometimes, the unexpected happens.

This afternoon I had a phone call from the BBC (yes THAT one). Would I take part in a radio show about how inflation is affecting people.

Why did they call me?

Four years ago I took part in a debate on home education on Radio 5 as I home-educated two of my children. As the reporter was leaving he asked if I would mind being on a list of people they could contact for any future home-ed slots, to which I agreed.

I hadn't heard any more from them until today.

Because of the change in my circumstances between then and now (they were looking for a family and I am now divorced) I won't be taking part. But they will keep my name and number for future reference for anything else that they feel I could contribute to.

The point of this? You never know where your contacts will lead you. A person you swap numbers with at a convention may call you in a few years time with a proposition. A relative may recommend you for doing some writing for the business they work for.

The unexpected can happen at any time.

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