Monday, January 03, 2011

Starting Again

Another new year, another new chance. That's what we always say.

In reality, every day is a new chance to start again. The advantage of a new year is that we get a new calendar a new diary and, after christmas, some new things, all of which scream at us that there is something different this time.

We've had a long holiday, a time with friends and family and we're refreshed...well kind of. The end of year holiday is like a long sleep at the end of a hard week, one we all need.

It's the first Monday of the year and I have kept four promises to myself:
- Blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
- Start on a comedy book for a stand up routine
- Continue with the novel
- Make a list of things to do
I've also done some physical exercise and will try to continue to do so.

Time will tell if I can keep this up.

The future beckons and the past is unchangeable, set in stone. To that end I'm reminded of a song by OMD called Walking On The Milky Way, especially the lines about the past:

As time goes by reality
Destroys your hope and dignity
There's nothing left but shadows on the wall
But just remember who you are
And where you've been you've come so far
And never ever let them see you fall
I don't believe in miracles
I don't believe in truth
I don't believe that anything can recreate your youth

We're starting again every day. Let the future commence.

OMD: Walking On The Milky Way

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T. Anne said...

Sounds like great goals!

Tess said...

I love this old OMD song...ah, how it brings back memories. And, how interesting about the comedy routine. That is something that would terrify me so I'm intrigued by those who would tackle it. Keep us posted!