Monday, January 10, 2011

Pick Your Goals

All resolutions go through difficult patches. How we face those patches defines us and shows us what kind of people we are.

Like many people, I set myself the goal of writing every day, as well as several other goals. The only one I've kept up is writing, but I'm not disappointed. What I've learned, or re-learned in this case, is that it is unwise for me to start certain things at this time of year.

I get miserable in the British winter, partly due to the lack of sunlight, so trying to do anything is more difficult than normal. After the last of couple of years it's even harder.

Writing is, for me, as much a pleasure as a career, so it is not too difficult to get going. Exercise always reminds me of school PE lessons which were, for me, utterly humiliating. I have now remembered why I don't start exercising in the winter: bad memories and the winter.

So I have taken a realistic approach and ditched all the goals that I know I won't reach, put to one side the ones that I know I can reach later on in the year and focus on what I can do now.

The result is better writing and more goals met.

I've planned the year ahead with more care.


Cindy R. Wilson said...

That's the smart way to do it, I think. Yearly goals are always a challenge. It helps to break them down as you go--and it also gives you a chance to reassess along the way and see if what you thought you wanted or where you thought you were going has changed.

T. Anne said...

I like that you ditched all the goals you didn't think were realistic! I have to do that from time to time. I find when I keep my expectations realistic I get way more done! Good luck to you on meeting those goals in the New Year!