Friday, January 07, 2011

Hard Work?

Chapters 1-4 have been sent out for review and chapter 5 is underway.

I have more to do on chapter 5 than I realised. I left it in a draft format with a rough idea of what the chapter's about and some introductory text. I've pulled it to the halfway point and have had an uptight historian collapse to the floor because of a muscle relaxant after being told she has a daughter.

I'd forgotten how much fun writing can be if I let it.

Too often I read blogs about the hard work that goes into writing. Yet what they're really talking about is the hard work that goes into getting published. Writing itself, like any other job, is only a chore if you don't like doing it.

Let's face it, who would seriously choose to be a writer unless they enjoy it. The pay's lousy even if you get paid at all. As for the hours....

I'm writing because I enjoy it. I write in a style I like and the stories I like. I will hone and craft them until they are publishable and will accept all critiques that help, but this isn't hard work. It's enjoyable work that I want to succeed at...even if it kills me.

I've also started writing down the comedy routines that have been flashing around in my head for the last few years. No doubt, some will turn out to be awful, but there are some gems in there. Enough to build a 20 minute routine? Probably not, but I have at least taken a step towards another goal.


Tess said...

so true! and, can you imagine how much we'd get paid if we were paid by the hour? I think I get paid about 27 cents an hour (rough guess but close to the truth) for my writing.

still, it is a joy for me.

and...regarding your comment on my post -- when my kids ask about dinner when I'm trying to write I tell them we're having "fix-your-owni" (sounds like macaroni). It's my favorite meal!

T. Anne said...

Writing always comes straight from the heart. You can't say that about too many other jobs, right?

Martin Willoughby said...

Tess: Fix-your-owni...I'll have to remember that.

T: Apart from parenthood, no.