Wednesday, January 26, 2011

7 Random Facts About Me.

1. I have performed stand-up comedy. It was a long time ago and for a church function, but I was the only one brave enough (or stupid enough) to do it for the show. I was received with rapturous apathy and went off to rapturous applause. Lesson learned? Save your best jokes till last.

2. I can iron clothes: I just choose not to.

3. I hate wearing ties. Why does anyone choose to go out with a noose around their neck? The history of the tie is also quite interesting. It developed from the cravat which was a fashion style invented by the Prince Regent in the early 18th century. He developed it in order to hide his syphilis marks. Remember that the next time a vicar tells you you're under dressed.

4. My favourite sandwich is HP Sauce with Cheese and Onion Crisps.

5. I suffer from Asperger's Syndrome...or rather, everyone else suffers from my Asperger's Syndrome.

6. I used to be a member of Mensa. I only took the test in order to find out if I was 'clever'. It was a big boost for my morale.

7. I sung in a choir for two years as a first bass. In that time we performed for the public several times as well as the church.

Over to you fellow bloggers.


PV Lundqvist said...

I often think of doing stand up, then hide in a corner until the feeling goes away.

Standing in front of an audience is the second bravest thing I can think of; first is combat.

[Naebsy] said...

Hey, I really liked what you wrote. At least it has made me laugh and I really needed that. Thanks :)

Amanda Borenstadt said...

I'm so horrible at ironing that clothing becomes more wrinkled by the time I'm finished!

Martin Willoughby said...

PV - It takes courage, sometimes of the Dutch variety.

[N] - Glad I could spread a smile.

Amanda - Trying to help, I ironed my ex-wife's tights once. For some reason the creases in the front and back didn't please her.