Friday, December 03, 2010

More Reflections On The Past Year

I sent off another book review yesterday and got a response within a few hours.  That is not always the case.

There are times in every writer's life when there are no phone calls, no emails and no letters.  Sometimes it can be weeks or months before you hear anything.  With the book reviews for Hub, most of the time I hear within a day or two, but sometimes it takes longer.

In the summer, I hadn't heard from them from for a few weeks.  When the website went down I thought that it had gone out of business.  A week later I received an email apologising for the delay and an explanation.  Too busy and the ISP was giving them grief.

I took heart from that, because sometimes in publishing it's not you that's at fault, but the publisher or some other agency.  Never give up trying.

On other news, we had our final rehearsal last night.  On Sunday we have a technical walk through, then two dress rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday.  Thursday is the opening night.  EEEEK! I have my maniacal laugh fully prepared, my evil look and my creepiness.  I will also partly shave my beard on Thursday to give the mutton chops my character needs to look all Victorian.

As it's Friday, here's the link to Oddbox.  Fantastic Ice sculptures and a dog that likes to eat microphones.  Oh, and a lawn mower that doubles up as a boat.

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T. Anne said...

I hope your play is going well! It sounds like a busy season for you!