Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Another Year Nearly Gone

Things are finally settling down in my life.  I know this because I did my first lot of ironing for several months today. 

Before today I just couldn't work up the energy and wore scruffy stuff that, being a bloke, I could get away with.  I've also got onto changing my address with several companies and on my driving license as I now have a place of my own.

After over a year of sleeping on sofas and with most of my money problems, the severe ones, behind me, I'm looking forward to next year.

About the only thing that has kept me sane over this period has been acting in an amateur drama group.

So, as 2010 winds down, I'm going to reflect on the past year over the next few weeks.

To start with, it's been a good year for my writing.  I haven't done much on my novel, or written any short stories, but I have been writing a lot of book reviews.  Last December I submitted some to Hub Magazine and after a few of them were published, they asked me to become one of their in-house reviewers.  I've had several books sent my way and have reviewed them all, to the point where I am considered one of the more reliable ones.  I've also been asked to review a couple of TV programs for them.

This, I think, has given me a platform from which I can carry on next year with other writing.  Hopefully, I can get a short story or two published in Hub, but if not, the fact of being published will certainly help when I submit elsewhere, or if I finish my novel and start ending it off to agents or publishers.

What's your year been like?

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T. Anne said...

It sounds like your ready to get back to your books and that's great! I hope the new year shapes up great for you. I plan on chugging along and hopefully picking up representation along the way.