Friday, November 26, 2010


Three more rehearsals, one dress rehearsal and then we're performing for a paying audience: YIKES!

The star has to be the young lady playing Robin Hood.  Pavlina's from the Czech Republic, English is her second language and she has a major role in the play.  Would you like to perform on stage in a foreign country, speaking in a foreign language, learning to talk in rhyme?

My eldest son is taking to his role as the dog with gusto.  Chasing the villains and biting them; peeing on another one; whimpering and barking.  He hasn't had this much since he accidentally scalded me by turning the cold tap on when I was in the shower.

As for me, I'm having a whale of a time swishing my cloak, flashing my sword, being whacked on the head and being generally evil.

And, as it's Friday, here's the link to the BBC's Oddbox.  Ten odd things from the past week, including a very small police dog, the tallest married couple in the world and the worlds biggest custard cream.


DRC said...

It's a shame I'm gonna miss your play. I'm really going to be having a hard time cruising around the Canary Islands. Hey, it's a horrible job, but some one has to do

If I don't get to speak before, hope everything goes well...

T. Anne said...

Congrats on the paying audience! Have a great time and break a leg!